Who we are

Who we are

About GMEN

Empowering Muslim business minds from all corners of the globe

GMEN is a dynamic nexus dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurial success within the framework of Islamic values. We believe in the power of community and shared knowledge.

Through workshops, events, mentorship programs, and digital platforms, GMEN aims to uplift its members, providing resources, networking opportunities, and a supportive environment where ideas flourish and businesses grow.

Embrace the journey of entrepreneurship with a global community that understands your values and aspirations.


The Global Muslim Entrepreneurs Network (GMEN)

GMEN can play a crucial role in bringing together Muslim entrepreneurs from around the world, fostering collaboration, providing resources, and promoting ethical business practices. Let’s delve into the importance of GMEN with a combination of data-driven reasons and broader insights

Mission Statment

Empowering the Ummah’s entrepreneurial spirit, the Global Muslim Entrepreneurs Network (GMEN) commits to fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the framework of Islamic values. We strive to bridge boundaries, facilitating opportunities and resources that uplift and unite Muslim business minds across the globe. Rooted in tradition and forward in vision, GMEN is dedicated to creating a prosperous, ethically-driven future for the global Muslim entrepreneurial community.

Core Principles

Core Principles for the Global Muslim Entrepreneurs Network (GMEN):

Islamic Ethics

Adherence to the moral and ethical teachings of Islam in all business activities, ensuring honesty, transparency, and integrity.


Promote and foster a spirit of teamwork and partnership among members, believing that collective efforts yield greater results.


Encourage a culture of creative thinking and continuous improvement, integrating modern entrepreneurial methods with Islamic values.

Sustainable Growth

Advocate for business strategies that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and beneficial to both the community and the global economy.


Ensure representation and equal opportunity for all members, regardless of their gender, nationality, or background.

Continuous Learning

Prioritize and facilitate ongoing education, training, and mentorship to keep members updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Community and Ummah

Recognize and emphasize the importance of giving back to the community, encouraging members to contribute both to the Muslim Ummah and the broader global society.

Halal Standards

Uphold and promote adherence to Halal principles in business, guiding members on best practices related to Islamic commerce.

Global Perspective

Foster a global mindset, encouraging members to explore and seize opportunities beyond their immediate environments.

Integrity and Trust

Build and maintain a network founded on mutual trust, ensuring all dealings are transparent and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.


Actively work towards providing members with the resources, opportunities, and platforms to succeed and lead in their respective industries.

Respect and Tolerance

Cultivate an environment where diverse ideas are welcomed, and differences are respected, recognizing the vast cultural richness within the global Muslim community.

Stage of the Network

Engaging individuals from various stages of life – children, youth, and seniors – can offer a wealth of perspectives and contribute to a more holistic and inclusive environment.

Children Age (Tapping into Potential Early)

Organize fun and interactive workshops that introduce children to basic concepts of entrepreneurship, perhaps through stories or role-playing.

Host events where children can set up mini stalls to sell crafts or services, fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship early on.

Pair children with youth or senior members for short-term projects, giving them a glimpse into the world of business.

Youth Age (Harnessing Energy and Innovation)

Organize competitions where young entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas,receiveg feedback and potentially even seed funding.

Offer courses on essential skills such as digital marketing, finance, or product development tailored for the younger audience.

Create events specifically for the youth, where they can interact with peers, share ideas, and learn from experienced entrepreneurs.

Collaborate with established businesses to offer internships, giving young members real-world experience.

Senior Age (Leveraging Experience and Wisdom)

Recognize and utilize the vast experience of senior members by setting them up as mentors for the younger generation.

Organize events where senior members share their journeys, challenges, and successes, providing inspiration and lessons to younger members.

Establish boards or committees made up of senior entrepreneurs who canguiden GMEN’s direction, initiatives, and policies.

Many senior members might have unique skills or knowledge from the pre-digital era that could be valuable today. Organize workshops where they can share these with interested members.

Initiate projects that require collaboration between the three age groups. Such projects could harness the innovation of youth, the energy of children, and the experience of seniors.

General Initiatives for All Age Groups

Online platforms where members from all age groups can discuss ideas, ask questions, and share resources.

A day dedicated to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit across generations. Activities can include workshops, fairs, and networking sessions tailored for each age group.

Ensure that members from all age groups have a voice in GMEN’s activities and future direction. This can be done through regular surveys or feedback sessions.

By actively engaging and valuing contributions from all stages of life, GMEN can create a richer, more diverse, and holistic network that truly represents the entire spectrum of the Muslim entrepreneurial community.